Youssef Haidar Architecte DPLG

Youssef Haidar (b. Baalbek, Lebanon 1965) pursued his higher education in Paris. He graduated as “Architecte DPLG” from Ecole Nationale Supérieure D'Architecture de Paris la Villette in 1988, and then worked in several French architecture firms before returning to Beirut in 1994, where he founded his architectural Firm. Since 2017 He founded an associate Firm HFG Architects.
Youssef Haidar has a wide experience in Renovation and Rehabilitation of Patrimonial and cultural Buildings, His architectural projects include the Soap Museum in Saida Lebanon, The Riad El Solh Museum in Saida Lebanon, and the Omari Grand Mosque in Beirut, the Archaeological Museum of the American University of Beirut, and The Museum of Memory and Urban Cultural Center "Beit Beirut". Along with the renovation works, the firm designed and built multiple project in different fields of expertise from housing till office building cultural buildings and private residences.
Along with his Architectural Practice Youssef Haidar is an Artist working with different type of media Painting Ceramics and sculpture.
He participated in several group exhibitions in Paris between 1986 and 1994, and in Beirut at the Guiragossian Museum in 2006. He has also had a solo exhibition at Galerie Fadi Moghabghab in 2005 and a solo exhibition at Galerie Agial in 2017, and a collective exhibition 2018 at Beirut Art Fair.
 He is a Knight in the Order of Arts and Letters.
HFG Architects
3 associates Youssef Haidar, Henri Franjie, Tania Ghosn
Our firm is specialized in architectural design. The activities of the firm cover residential projects, office buildings, institutional and academic projects, interiors, renovation and rehabilitation.
We have a wide experience in cultural buildings museums, cultural centers, and exhibitions, along with the rehabilitation and restoration works of historical buildings. The team is composed of members specialized in scenography museography and archeology, and can provide along with the architectural design all the necessary historical studies, programming, museum displays and showcases layouts, lighting and set designs. 
We also design custom made interiors with an accent on rehabilitation of patrimonial buildings, along with the interior design the lighting design, and selection of all materials, we provide a close follow-up on the construction works to unsure the perfect implementation of the design.In the last 20 years we finalized multiple major projects all in conjunction with cultural, historical and patrimonial values.